ISDN bridging from Source-Connect to ISDN. The most cost-effective option for your bridging needs.


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Our ISDN numbers are:
312 572 8260 and
312 572 8261.

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Bridging rates

Scheduled: $35 per hour
Unscheduled: $49 per hour (first-come, first-serve)

We email you a Paypal invoice at the end of each day. By connecting to our Source-Connect user and/or our ISDN connection you agree to pay our rate of $49US/hr. First-come first-serve bridges will be bumped by scheduled bridges, please check the schedule for availability. Time overages are charged at our first-come first-serve rate of $49US/hr & can be bumped by prescheduled bookings. Please also review our policies.

Connection policies

Bridges are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis or by booking. First-come, first-serve bridges are billed in one hour increments for US$45/hr. Once a connection is initiated, the clock will start and you may disconnect and reconnect as many times as you wish within each hour. A three (3) minute grace period is granted before billing for subsequent hours. Bills are delivered monthly to the Source-Connect user of the bridge. Anyone connecting to our Source-Connect and/or ISDN connections agrees to pay our rates listed here. First come-first, serve-bridges will be bumped by scheduled bridges, so please check our schedule for availability. All bookings use the Central Time timezone. Prescheduled bridges are US$35 and must be booked at least 2 hours in advance. Time overages for prescheduled bookings are charged at our first-come, first-serve rate of $49US/hr and can be bumped by other prescheduled bookings. Once in Paypal, click "add special instructions to merchant" and let us know what time (Central Time Zone) you want to book and what is your Source Elements user name. We will email you a confirmation. Other services such as stereo connections, timecode connections, Source-Connect to PTSN phone patches, ISDN dial-out, alternate ISDN codec settings and ISDN to Source-Live bridges are also available.

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Contact us at:

Phone: +1 847 859-9519

Source Elements user name is ISDN

ISDN numbers are:
312 572 8260 and 312 572 8261

The details:


Our basic bridging service provides 48khz (sample rate) digitally-connected mono bridges using 128kbps or 96kbps Source-Connect connections depending on whether you are using Source-Connect Standard or Source-Connect Pro.

Our ISDN connection is Telos-compatible MPEG Layer 2 128kbps mono. The ISDN side of the bridge must dial into our ISDN connection.

Our ISDN numbers are 312 572 8260 and 312 572 8261.



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